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On the Autonomous Existence of Chemical Entities

[ Vol. 1 , Issue. 1 ]


Olimpia Lombardi and Martin Labarca   Pages 69 - 75 ( 7 )


According to a traditional assumption, in principle chemistry could be derived from physics because chemical entities are nothing else than very complex physical entities. This assumption counts against the autonomy of chemistry as a scientific discipline or, at least, supports its secondary position with respect to physics. In this paper we review the arguments used for and against the idea that chemistry is nothing else than a branch of physics. In particular, we consider the status of chemical entities in the light of the discussions around the supposed visualization of orbitals. On this basis, we defend the autonomous existence of the chemical world.


Molecular chemistry, Quantum mechanics, Reduction, Orbitals, Wavefunction, Semiclassical-electrons, Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Autonomous Existence, medieval alchemy, Dirac's words, phenomenological science, macroscopic phenomena, multicomponent systems, billiard-ball, secondary science, illuminating metaphor, Existence of Orbitals, SchrOdinger equation, contextuality of quantum mechanics, hypothetical superposition, quasi-classical WKB, unacceptable self-contradiction


Larralde 3440, 6°D, 1430, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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