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Optimization of Low-Cost Medium Composition for the Production of α-Amylase by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Using a Semi-Solid Substrate

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 4 ]


Veyis Selen* and M. Saban Tanyildizi   Pages 305 - 312 ( 8 )


Aims: A low-cost medium for α-amylase is critical for the growing demands of industries.

Method: In this study, α-amylase production was investigated using different agro-industrial products (wheat bran, cheese whey, soy bean cake, hazelnut oil cake) and supplemental nutrients (peptone, ammonium sulfate) using semi-solid substrate fermentation (SSSF).

Observation: The experiments were planned in two stages. The first aim was to screen important nutrients for enzyme production using the Placket-Burman design.

Result: Three components (wheat bran, cheese whey, and peptone) were determined to have an important effect on α-amylase production. The possibility of further optimization was examined by using the Central Composite Design.

Conclusion: The maximum α-amylase activity was obtained (11,196 U/ml) using 4.9 g/l of wheat bran, 28.7 v/v% cheese whey, and 3.7 g/l of peptone.


α-Amylase, semi-solid substrate fermentation, low-cost medium, response surface methodology, fermentation, culture broths.


Department of Chemical Engineering, Firat University, 23279 Elazig, Department of Chemical Engineering, Firat University, 23279 Elazig

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