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Chemical Field Theory: The Inverse Density Problem of Electronegativity and Chemical Hardness for Chemical Bond

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 2 ]


Mihai V. Putz*   Pages 133 - 146 ( 14 )


The anharmonic chemical field potential, V (Ø,χ ,η ), is expressed in terms of the electrostatic potential, ø , the electronegativity, χ, and the chemical hardness, η, density functionals, as they relate the electron density functional, ρ, and chemical bond formation by quantum field/operators [observable/measurable quantities (physical observables)].


Anharmonic potential, chemical field, chemical hardness, electron density, electronegativity, electronic potential, Feynman-Kleinert path integral, symmetry breaking.


Department of Biology- Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Pestalozzi Str. no. 16, 300115 Timisoara

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